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Our Company

In 2005, we found that there was a gap in the market and that specialised computers, such as gaming systems, home cinema PCs and workstations, were not being supplied by the large IT companies. We decided to start selling high-performance customisable computers on eBay in order to meet this need. Since then, we've gone from strength to strength selling to businesses and the public, both on eBay and from our website. Our success has been founded on the belief that business should be customer-oriented, and we are proud that as we have grown we have not lost sight of the fact that a business is nothing without its customers. Today we are still as dedicated to a personalised service as ever.

Our Philosophy

We believe that buying a new computer should not be confusing, frustrating or stressful. We have tried to tailor our service to make it as simple, clear and intuitive as possible. The customer comes first. Because we're a relatively small company, when you speak to a member of our team you will be talking to someone who has direct experience of building computers, therefore they will be ideally positioned to answer queries of any complexity. We use only the highest-quality branded components, which will improve both the performance and the stability of your computer. We rigorously test and re-test every computer system, and we will only dispatch it once it has passed our quality-control checks.

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